Favara Cultural Farm

Twelve years ago Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva created, almost from nothing, a place inspired by principles of education, ecology and the rebirth of an almost completely abandoned territory.
In 2012, The Guardian had already been busy reporting on this reality, which over the years has proven to be a winning model, expressing itself in these words, “With one of the highest unemployment rates in Italy and an unparalleled reputation for urban decay, Favara, located just 8 km from Agrigento’s monumental Valley of the Temples, has never appeared on any tourist map. Nor was it ever likely to. But since the Farm Cultural Park opened in 2010, the town has attracted artists and visitors from all over the world.”
I witnessed the living expression of this place, which on September 30, the day of my visit, was home to forty students from Syracuse University’s Architecture Program. I decided to explore and document this place, publishing an article for the journal Ecointernazionale.com – Article here

Hong Kong Pavillion – Countless Cities 2021 –
Curated by Manuela Catania

Cultural Farm – spaces in Favara

Radical She, Quadrennial of Art and Society –


Architecture students from the Architecture Program
Syracuse University