Fluid Shadows:


This is a personal exploration of my own body, a personal visual transposition of a very specific physical feeling, experienced differently from woman to woman. This body of work started in 2015 and it is part of a path of self-awareness that wants to visually investigate biology and physicality. Leaving my homeland changed my status and the impact of this change pushed me to look deep into myself, including my menstrual period; for this reason, it is correct to consider this short series as a visual note on the long term macro research I carry out on the identity of women. Starting from a peculiarity of the XX specimens, I used everyday objects to recreate a sort of colorful ultrasound image, questioning the language and reflecting on the personal and social ritual aspect of the cycle itself. Intended as a sequence of periodic physiological changes that take place in the female reproductive system and that makes pregnancy possible, menstruation has significant social and economic implications that have been protracted over the centuries.

Working with unanimated materials facilitated me with the juxtaposition of the pictorial instinct with photography

Recreating the sense of a womb to penetrate, falling into an intimate non-place, like Alice falling in the rabbit hole. Falling down in this imaginary hole lead me to observe myself as a subject that overcomes form to become a non-form to satisfy the need to look beyond the barriers imposed by the media and by my body itself. This operation opened to compositional possibilities and led to an intimate non-place, a sort of inner mental space that defines as unique the menstrual experience.

This body of works includes photos and a video.
A recording of human body sounds while menstruating has been mixed up with the sound of the fluids I used to create the piece.