Team is the website of Alice Castiglione AKA Alys.theWitch, visual artist, activist, educator, and independent curator,
creator of F.I.G.A. (Foundation for International Girls in Arts).
Born with the purpose of creating connections and supporting the development of women and women-identifying artists of all ages in visual arts, the project has a special focus on non-UK-natives photographers.
Within AlysVisualArt, which contains Alice’s many articles and personal reports as well as the FIGA project itself,
a team of passionate and professional women in the field collaborates with her.
Find out more below!




Artivist, educator, independent curator

Alys is a Visual Artist, independent curator and reporter based in the UK and a lifelong feminist activist.
After her academic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy (focusing on the Theory and Techniques of visual multimedia direction), research at the Universitá Complutense in Madrid and a Master in Documentary Photography at the University of Portsmouth, Alice started the website AlysVisualArt and FIGA (Foundation for International Girls in the Arts), a reaction-to-pandemic project aiming to create a safety net of support for women and girls working in the visual arts.

Alys promotes artistic practice combined with activism through art projects, articles, interviews, exhibitions and much more, seeking to focus on aesthetic, political, and social reflection.

Questioning visual culture about feminism and vice versa.


Translator and private tutor

Hey you, passionate feminist Valkyrie! Nice to meet you, I’m Anna and I am a certificated translator. This might sound a bit dull hence why I decided to give my career a shakeup and broke the cycle to support my friend Alys with this absolutely not boring- project called “F.I.G.A”.

Alice had an epiphany not long ago and out of the blue she has asked me to jump on her boat and translate some content for her website. This was a great opportunity as I have access to the preview of some of her work and interviews.

The reason I joined in is crystal clear. I’m a crazy wee woman and although I could not be classified as an artist, I will use my skills to give a voice to young women, entrepreneurs, girls at schools and women that want to start their careers. Whichever project Alice will throw at me, I will catch it!

If any of you need help with your translations (artist statements, essays, Cv’s, or anything else) drop me an email!


Journalist, creative and more

Italian journalist, creative and public relator moved to London in 2015 after several years of experience as war correspondent for some Italian Newspapers. She writes, promotes and she is involved in projects about Medicine, Health, Urban cultures, Environment.

Strong addiction to human rights, moral and global Issues, she is also interested in beauty, Arabic culture, mental health, and art therapy.
She believes in the role of Art in political and social protest and she loves to tell stories, especially about people who choose to make a fusion of art and ethics.

Selene also deals with Communication. Her areas of expertise range from Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Crisis management, User Experience Research, strategy and design.She is comfortable in a wide range of companies, from corporate in-house to boutique design studios, B2B and B2C.

Selene loves dogs, pizza and sea life.