Transnational Artivist Collective:


Thousands of women have protested at the move in cities across Poland in the last months. They are protesting against the attacks on basic women’s rights such as abortion, contraception, and health.

Abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, if the woman’s life is in danger or in cases of severe or fatal foetal impairment. Now, the Parliament is considering a bill to add even more restrictions to this very limited access. If it goes ahead, this proposed bill will remove severe or fatal fetus impairment from the list of permitted grounds – putting many women’s health at serious risk.

Amnesty International

As neo-fascists feel empowered by the government’s rhetoric, the boundaries of what is socially acceptable have shifted so far that many people no longer feel safe. With the support and encouragement from the ruling party, violence, hatred, and lack of respect for human life are prevailing in Poland, rated as the most homophobic countries in Europe in 2020. LGBT+ people are threatened on a daily basis and beaten up on the streets.

F.i.g.a is part of the collective: why?


The Transnational Artivist Collective aims to support women, LGBT+ community, and their rights in Poland through Artivist practices. We are a group of women artists and intellectuals not only from Poland but from different countries, who believe in the power of visual language and the capability of art to create change in the world.


We aim to create a transnational platform where we can all unite to defend humanist values
We are looking for more artists and intellectuals who wish to advocate this cause, raise awareness, and give a contribution to support the thousands of women in Poland who are facing such a fascist disgraceful obscurantist time.


We are now at an embryonal stage, but if you want to get in touch, please contact artivists4poland