Open Studio


F.I.G.A. aims to create connections and support high-quality development of women and women-identifying artists of all ages in visual arts with a special focus on non-UK-natives. Through insights and partnerships with local and foreign communities, institutions and organizations I wish to build up a net to work with artists and creatives, wishing to contribute to strengthening the foundations of the international trans-feminist culture, ideas of cultural fluidity and sisterhood. Counting and quantifying won’t solve discrimination, direct action and support will.
Gain insight into the creative process
BRAND NEW ARTWORK releasingTrilogy of discomfort – chapter I – My body Get your copy!
SALES FROM STUDIO: mostly low priced items from previous exhibitions, you can buy art to spread and support my work
NETWORKING : the open studio is also useful to get in touch, arrange collaborations and to plan further activities
To prevent the spreading of Coronavirus Mainyard Studios will only allow people with face masks and will make available hand sanitiser at the entrance. Also, the venue will allow no more than 15 people inside, so you may be asked to wait in a queue