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Mary Rouncefield

Support a sister in visual arts

Mary graduated in 2009 with an honors degree from the faculty of Art Media and Design at the University of the West of England, she studied as a mature student. I work in both drawing and print. Past exhibitions include the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2007, ‘Titanic 100’ in New York, and various exhibitions held at The Royal West of England Academy in my home city of Bristol.
In 2014 a series of drawings were exhibited by Guerilla Galleries in London. These drawings highlighted issues around human trafficking, which is a theme she has revisited over time, together with human rights issues affecting women and children. Mary also contributed work to ‘Traditions Run Deeper than Law’ at the Red Gallery in 2015.
Mary’s work ‘Campaign Boots’ was exhibited in ‘Passion For Freedom’ at The Mall Galleries in London and also in Edinburgh this year at ‘Threads’. This piece looks at the campaigns fought by women’s rights activists over the past century.

Mary exhibited WAVES in the occasion of T:AIM – exhibition curated by Alys.thewitch and held at the monumental complex Santa Maria Dello Spasimo in Palermo, Sicily.

“I am submitting an artwork I have made to record the statements made by refugees and migrants arriving in Greece and Germany during the summer of 2015. I watched amazing scenes on TV showing people walking in their thousands along footpaths, railway-lines and motorways to reach Austria and Germany. Many migrants were interviewed by TV presenters as they arrived on the coasts of Greek Islands. More were interviewed at railway stations in Austria and Germany. I was struck by how many of them were able to respond in excellent English and only a few needed interpreters at that time.
I was affected very emotionally by the stories told by those people, the risks they had taken, and the drownings and the journeys that had ended in disaster. The hardships endured by the migrants made a strong impression on me; and children in particular seemed to be taken to the limits of endurance.”



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