W@W! Solo Show – 2022

W@W! – Women@Work! Solo Show – Narva 2022

Initiative hosted by Narva mediaLAB and supported by the German Embassy in Estonia along with 8 other partners including the NGO femLENS

In 2021, under the pressure of Covid-19, Alys documented the stories of five women who decided to publicly share their stories about their work as professionals. The Italian community in the UK is quite large and the majority live in the Greater London area: approximately 182,511 out of 472.861 individuals in 2021. Almost half of this community are women (47%) and the average age is 37 years.
This body of work aims to document and discover different aspects of the women from the Italian expat community living in London.
The photographer shows the stories of women, both single and childless to observe how the workspace and personal space may overlap.
This work also reflects on how the words “immigrant” and “expat” (expatriate) can hide a class gap meaning, which in the photographer’s view, needs to be recognised and addressed. Both words reveal the intention to improve living conditions, but the perspectives and social backgrounds are often very different.

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