Women at work –
20 August 2022

One of the photographs with which I composed the stories of Italian women working in the UK, was selected and published in Women At Work, a zine created for the 2021 “Women at Work” campaign organised by femLENS, a non-profit association that works to empower women to become social change agents themselves.

Why does Alysvisualart.com work as a femLENS ambassador?

femLENS is a NGO  founded in 2015 as a volunteer-driven non-profit association, femLENS works as a capacity builder delivering free workshops to teach women and girls from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds documentary photography techniques to tell stories visually by using easily available tools such as mobile phone cameras.As a wide-angle lens, femLENS is designed to allow women’s voices and thoughts to be more included in the cultural and media representation of sexes. Today’s cultural and media representation of women is not inclusive and diverse. Men and women are often portrayed in stereotypical ways, and traditional roles in society are emphasised. This misrepresentation and the message behind needs to change, so that a political, economic, and social equality of the sexes is possible.

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F.I.G.A is the last Alys’s initiative and it is planned as a one-year-long project

F.I.G.A. aims to create connections and support the development of women and women-identifying artists of all ages in visual arts with a special focus on non-UK-natives photographers.

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